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January 1 - December 31, 2016

Welcome to ACTheals

ACTheals is an international, ecumenical association providing resources and support to enable Christian healthcare professionals, clergy, and associates to:



  • Experience personally the healing power of Jesus Christ.
  • Integrate professional skills, spiritual development, healing ministry and theological understanding.
  • Extend the healing presence, heart, and mind of Jesus Christ through work and ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As a healthcare professional or healing minister, do you sometimes wish that there was more you could do to expedite healing? If so, please consider ACTheals. Come to one of our conferences, workshops or retreats and learn how adopting Christ-centered healing interventions to one's own life and practice/ministry can facilitate the wholeness and healthcare you seek to provide.

What's News at ACT

2016 International Conference -- Don't miss it!

Don't miss the opportunity to attend the 2016 International Conference in Toronto! We are still accepting registration online or by chec. Click here to REGISTER NOW! READ MORE!

Join us on Sunday, September 25 for Optional Post-Conference Tour to
Niagara Falls, Canada

Contact Mary Salvador to reserve your spot on the tour. Click here for further details.

Exciting new offering for the 2016 IC
Two Bible Study Sessions focusing on God’s Mercy

Leader: Jack Frost -- In line with this year’s conference theme "to be ministers of God’s mercy and compassion to those in whom we come in contact,” our two Bible studies will delve into how God’s mercy was displayed in the Old and New Testaments. Bring your Bibles, pens and paper for note taking. In preparation, read and meditate on Psalm 103 verses 8-18 and Matthew 18: verses 21-35, and come prepared to be active discussion participants. You will receive an extensive reading list on Mercy which can serve as a devotional study guide in the months ahead.

The 2016 Summer issue of InterACT Online is now available.

ACT heals is non-profit association of Christian healthcare professionals and associates in the physical, mental and spiritual healthcare disciplines.We welcome donations to assist furthering our vision and mission.