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The Association of Christian Therapists

     ACTheals is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary, international association of Christian healthcare professionals, in the physical, mental and spiritual healthcare disciplines, including those in allied health disciplines, clergy and pastoral care givers. ACT also welcomes as members lay persons committed to the healing ministry of Jesus.

     Members are grouped into Specialties within the Association: Physicians and Dentists (including chiropractors, physician�s assistants, nurse practitioners), Nurses, Allied Health (including, physical therapists, medical technicians, body work practitioners, nutritionists, etc), Psychotherapists (including psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists), Clergy and Religious, Pastoral Care (including spiritual directors), Associates (lay persons committed to the healing ministry of Jesus) and Healthcare Institutions/Centers. Specialty Groups enhance mutual exchange within and across disciplines and the integration of clinical practice with Christian principles and spiritual gifts.

Identity Statement
ACTheals Act 4: 8-10
An association of Christian healthcare providers, clergy and associates.

Advancing Christ-centered healthcare one healer at a time.

An international, ecumenical association providing resources and support to enable Christian healthcare professionals, clergy, and associates to:
� Experience personally the healing power of Jesus Christ.
� Integrate their professional skills, spiritual development, healing ministry and theological understanding.
� Extend the healing presence, heart, and mind of Jesus Christ through their work and ministry under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

�Heal MY healers and send them forth to heal MY people.� (1986 prophetic word)

Who Can Join?

     Membership is open to all Christian health and mental health professionals, clergy, Religious, and associates in healing ministries, who embrace ACT's vision and mission.

How Are We Unique?

ACT is unique in its holistic approach to integrating Christian healing practices with applied healthcare.  We include all healthcare practitioners -- physicians and nurses, clergy and allied health � as well as all Christian denominations in our response to Jesus� prayer �May they all be one in us�,  for full healing requires cooperation among all involved in the healing process.  Further, we teach skills and provide resources not just for learning, but also for the personal healing of our members so that what we learn by experience, we are able to extend to our clients, as appropriate for each of our disciplines.

      Members are enriched by the spiritual perspectives and expressions of their various Christian traditions and by openness to the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

How We Live Our Christian Diversity:

      ACT is both Catholic and ecumenical, eucharistically centered and inclusive of the healing traditions of its various Christian members. Living such an identity requires of members a passion for the whole Body of Christ in its unity and diversity, and a firm, active commitment to prayer, dialogue, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation on both a personal and faith level.  This commitment leads to an intimacy of integrity between members.

       Through worshipping and praying together, and sharing their personal stories, ACT members experience both the pain and the challenge of differences, as well as the healing of division, and gain a deeper appreciation of God's gifts throughout the whole Body of Christ. This appreciation is fostered in a diverse Christian fellowship. ACT's process lives in the context of the larger movements toward dialogue and unity among denominations, and draws from, as well as adds to, these movements. What ACT will become is yet to be revealed; we remain open to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Click here to read Ecumenical Principles of Dialogue.

Opportunities for Participation:  

          Regions:  In addition, the Association includes Regions spread across the entire U.S.A. and Canada as well as internationally. The various regions conduct meetings, gatherings, prayer sessions, retreats and healing conferences throughout the year. This is in addition to the Annual International Conference, usually held in early autumn. For more information about regional activities, click on the Regions menu on ACT's Home Page. That will bring up a map. Then click on the Region of interest box outside the map for that Region.  You may also click here to access this map directly from this page.

Specialty groups within the Association include: physicians, nurses, medical technicians, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, social workers, chiropractors, massage therapists, chaplains, clergy, religious, and associates.  For more information about Specialty Groups, see the Specialty Groups menu on ACT's Home pageYou may also click here to access this map directly from this page.

Committees: There are six standing committees: Membership, Spiritual Life, Finance, International Conference, Program Development and Communication and Publications.  All committees are staffed by volunteers and open to new members.   ACT depends on members volunteering their time and talents to provide the programs and services offered.

Important Aims of ACT:

         Support: To create environments in which health care professionals and associates can: grow spiritually; experience physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual healing, and; establish mutually and spiritually supportive relationships with other health care professionals and associates.

         Empower: To provide education and training in traditional and contemporary Christ-centered healing practices and in releasing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and; To encourage and facilitate the ongoing development of leading-edge Christian healing interventions.

         Witness: To train and equip members in outreach and evangelization; To liaise, network and collaborate with individuals and organizations with similar and complementary visions and missions; To initiate, encourage and support scientific research dedicated to testing and demonstrating the holistic benefits of Christ-centered healing methods and techniques, and; To creatively impact the field of integrative medicine with Christian spirituality.

Business Office

P.O. Box 4961
Louisville, KY 40204
 Email: info@actheals.org

1The Association of Christian Therapists began in August 1975 at Mount St. Augustine Apostolic Center in Staten Island, New York. As a group of healthcare professionals gathered to pray, study the Word of God, and share Holy Eucharist, they received a vision for the consecration of their disciplines to God.  This prophecy was a call to form such an association.  The Vision and Mission statements define how ACT sees itself fulfilling this prophecy and the 1986 prophecy.


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