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The Clergy and Religious
Specialty Group

Sister Mary Ann Ankoviak, CSJ


     I am a Sister of St. Joseph in the Congregation of St. Joseph, currently serving as Pastoral Associate in Our Lady on the River.  This parish embraces three Church sites in the Blue Water Region of Southeastern Michigan: St. Catherine, Algonac; Holy Cross, Marine City, and St. Mark, Harsens Island.      

      I am serving the Church in parish team ministerial leadership as director of faith formation, pastoral care, spiritual life development as well as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator.      

      My educational journey includes a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology, Scripture and Liturgy from St. John University, Collegeville, Minnesota; post-graduate studies at The Institute for Christian Thought, St. Michael's College, Toronto, Ontario and certification from St. Joseph Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the area of spiritual growth and inner healing. These experiences have been gifts from Our Lord which have and continue to lead me to an ongoing process of growth in the spiritual gifts and healing prayer.  This same journey led me to ACT on my forty-eighth birthday, in January of 1988.      

      Thinking about the past twenty-two years of membership in ACT, I pray, "May the Spirit of God invite you to listen to what my heart wants to share with you."  I find that the growth in openness to the Holy Spirit in my life has become as essential to me as life itself. ACT has helped me with that freedom.  As the beneficiary of intercessory prayer of ACT members, I have found the prayers to be strengthening, life-giving, and fruitful.      

      I am honored and happy to bring my congregation's Charism to ACT.  "Live out your life with one desire only, to be always what God wants you to be, in nature, grace and glory, for time and for eternity" is one of our Maxims as CSJ's.  It resonates so well in harmony with ACT.  By profession, a religious consecrates herself to enter into a special relationship with the Lord, to give God glory, and share in His holiness by a life of charity and service to the neighbor.  As a member of ACT, I have found that I have been strengthened to grow in "a radical commitment to Jesus Christ and continue to seek wholeness and holiness, committed to fostering the sanctity of life by truly believing in and promoting the healing love of Jesus in my ministry."       

      Following God's lead to ACT brought me to a new point on the journey of deepening my spiritual life by listening ever more intimately to God's direction.  In quiet, prayerful moments and in the everyday ministry with God's people, I find myself more intent to follow how God's love is working in and through the presence of His Holy Spirit. I have learned that life at the center is a personal love union with Jesus, and in Jesus, we meet the Father and are generously given the gifts of the Spirit for others in the service of the Gospel. Each day, in and through God's call, surrendering to the Spirit, I renew my commitment to continue the healing ministry of Jesus in living my future.  I strive to continue walking with God, so that, drawing into the present the meaning and value of my experiences, I may dare to risk the deepening journey into God through ministering God’s Healing to others.  It is thus that I have found a home in the Association of Christian Therapists.

      I believe that as an Association and as a member, despite our imperfections, each of us will be called beyond our own concerns and develop greater clarity to allow God to continue to create us, guide us and shape us into His earthen vessels of love and healing.       

      "Lord, I praise You for all You are doing within us, for all You are offering us to be Your healing presence in our broken world through our own unique ministries."

For more information, please contact: 
Clergy and Religious Chair
Sister Betty Igo, SFP, M Ed,MS


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