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The Clergy and Religious
Specialty Group


Sr. Betty Igo, Chair - ACTClergyReligious@actheals.org

Philadelphia, PA
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Fr. Bob Sears, SJ
Chicago, IL

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Rev. Wanda D. Craner
Pottstown, PA
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Joe Scerbo, SA
Thousand Oaks, CA
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Sr. Mary Ann Ankoviak, CSJ
Algonac, MI

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Fr. Larry Carew
Danbury, CT

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Rev. Jeremy Ashton
Brandon, VT

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Who is involved in the Clergy and Religious Specialty Group? 
We are Catholic Priests, Deacons, Ordered Sisters and Brothers, Order Oblates, Protestant Clergy and Ordained Deacons

-- who love the Lord Jesus and believe in His healing power. We joined ACT to learn better how to serve Him in His healing ministries. We also hope that our presence and expertise at ACT meetings will always be a supportive resource for all members of the ACT community.
Who is invited to attend the Clergy and Religious Specialty Group sessions at the ACT Meetings? 
Our Specialty Group provides support for members in a variety of roles – a pastor of a congregation, a director of a particular ministry in a church or community, etc.  
So often we can find ourselves busily taking care of others’ needs while longing for peers to minister healing experiences to us as well. We understand confidentiality among us as professionals and find that ACT is a place that is comforting and respectful of us and our needs. 
What can this Specialty Group offer me? 
We appreciate our gatherings at ACT Regional and International meetings as well as the opportunities presented through conference calls, Committee meetings and other ways we share the richness of healing we find through our individual and group ministries. Our Group gathers to learn from one another and pray with each other. For many of us, the friendships formed in ACT across denominational lines, with fellow believers in the healing power of Christ Jesus, have been lasting and empowering and have followed us throughout life.  
What are the responsibilities and opportunities of this Specialty Group? 
One of the opportunities you will have is to make ACT members and the Internet community aware of your ministries and your special gifts as a pastor, counselor, retreat leader, or teacher that may be needed near you or internationally. 
Through contact with us you may make other ACT members and the Internet community aware of healing opportunities available to the people you serve, or even discover healing opportunities you need for yourself. 
As far as responsibilities are concerned, we hope that all who join us are deeply committed to enhancing the glory of God and furthering the healing mission of our Lord Jesus Christ in whatever way they are called. 
We hope that you will feel free enough to share the ways God has taught you to be a healing presence in today’s world.

For more information, please contact: 
Clergy and Religious Chair
Sister Betty Igo, SFP, M Ed, MS




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