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ACT Membership Menu

Should you wish to join the Association, the second item in this menu is entitled "How to Join." Three different ways are described in which you may join. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the ACT Office. Information for contacting the Office is listed at the top of the "How to Join" page.

Below the How to Join page is the home page for "Members Only" (click here to log in). This web site contains an extensive library of materials for learning about the Healing Power of Jesus Christ. Among the items available are InterACT, the ACT Newsletter, full papers that have appeared in the Journal of Christian Healing, and the Healing Primer, a large booklet that describes the basics for becoming an intercessor for the Healing Power of Jesus.

Access to the Members Only site is one of the many benefits of being a member of the Association. A membership directory is available online, as well as book lists, audio and video recordings that are available, and more.  ACT's online store, The Pearl, also has a wide variety of items, at specially-discounted prices for ACT members.







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