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The Association of Christian Therapists

The Association of Christian Therapists (ACT) is non-profit association of Christian healthcare professionals and associates in the physical, mental and spiritual healthcare disciplines. The Pearl is the online store of ACT.

ACT Changes Coming in 2015
The times they are a changing!

The Pearl will be offline for a few weeks
while changes are being made...

We have recently agreed as a body to change the name
of the Association of Christian Therapists
(that we call ACT) to ACTheals (that we will
still call ACT) in an effort to reach out to
our members and potential members who
are not therapists.

We retain our website address:

(Click here to continue reading Nancy Morgan's article from the Winter 2014 issue of InterACT)

Visit this site often, as new categories and features are coming soon! The Pearl features:

  • Discounts for ACT members (click here for information on how to join ACT)
  • Free shipping
  • Easy, secure shopping with PayPal
  • International orders accepted

About the Pearl

Over the years ACT members have often spoken of the rich legacy of profound and informative talks given at ACT conferences. They have also kept referring articles published in the Journal of Christian Healing (JCH) and their enduring value. Thus, in this era of web based purchasing, the idea was germinated to establish a store online through which ACT Conference talks and JCH issues, and other ACT resources, could be available for purchase. One ACT member proposed the name PEARL for the store as these resources have become pearls to us. Others quickly concurred. Thus the store is the PEARL, a way for ACT to share some of its pearls. In time the talks will be available as MP3 downloads. At present they are available on CDs and DVDs. The Journal of Christian Healing is in electronic form and can be downloaded after purchase. As member benefits the Journal of Christian Healing is free to members, paid for through membership dues, and the CDs and DVDs are offered to ACT members at a discounted rate. Members will find the member's PEARL within the member's site (click here to log in).