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San Diego Region
of the Association of Christian Therapists

"...Help your servants to proclaim your message with all
boldness by stretching out your hand to heal
and to work miracles and marvels through
 the name of your holy servant Jesus.
Acts 4:29-30

Welcome to the San Diego Region of the
 Association of Christian Therapists!

For information about upcoming activities in the San Diego Region, please email the San Diego Regional Coordinator:

Sheilamarie Racicot



 Monthly S.E.W. (Support ~ Empower ~ Witness) Prayer Gatherings in member homes from 7 - 8 p.m.
Purpose: "To Support, Empower, and Witness to the healing profession and associates with the heart and mind of Jesus."

  A time to come together to seek God's will for ACT, self and pray for one another.

    Days and contacts listed below:
Second Wednesday - Point Loma area - (songs of praise, prayer of quiet, intercessory prayer and personal prayer)  actprayer@yahoo.com
Fourth Wednesday - Encinitas - nanlar@cox.net
For additional information contact Carol Inacio  actprayer@yahoo.com


Association of Christian Therapists - San Diego
(Photos by: Jeanie Taddonio)

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