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Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky,
West Virginia &
of the Association of Christian Therapists

"...Help your servants to proclaim your message with all
boldness by stretching out your hand to heal
and to work miracles and marvels through
 the name of your holy servant Jesus.
Acts 4:29-30

For information about this Region,
you may contact the Regional Coordinator:

Francesca Franchina MS Ed.


Association of Christian Therapists

Upcoming Events ...

For Information/Or Interest in Conducting Workshops for the Training Sessions and Conference
Contact: Francesca Franchina MS Ed
RC Region 6 & 27

Monthly First Friday Healing Mass, Sacrament of Anointing, Healing Prayer

Prayer & Praise-7:00 PM; Mass - 7:30 PM
University of Dayton;
Mother Of Good Counsel Chapel
Alumni Hall (Evanston at Irving Avenue Entrance to Campus)
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469
Contact: Francesca Franchina MS Ed
RC Region 6 & 27






Francesca Longo Franchina MS Ed.
ACT Regional Coordinator Regions 6 & 27

The International Association of Christian Therapists  seeks to bring together health care professions, allied health fields, clerics and religious who are committed to Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and are open to integrating the Lord’s teaching into their work through the  utilization of the Scriptural Gifts of the Holy Spirit for discernment and  healing of the whole person, physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

We seek to bring hope and healing to those in need of the Love, Joy, Peace, Mercy and Forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ. ACT is organized to help clerical, religious, professional and associate members  to grow and prosper in their own personal and professional development while being empowered by the Holy Spirit to assist members of their congregations and practices;  patients, clients, colleagues, students, family and friends to become all they can be in the Body of Christ. We are doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, dentists, counselors, teachers, writers, artists, musicians, priests, ministers, sisters, allied health professionals and  others who have a heart for ACT in the Love, Peace, Joy and Mercy  of the Heart of Jesus Christ

ACT Members are afforded the opportunity to learn to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their personal faith formation and to help others to come to fullness in faith development and healing in the Name of Jesus and the Power of The Holy Spirit.

You will find compassion, collaboration and consolation in ACT Specialty Groups comprised of professionals in the various health disciplines. Those who are not professionally trained in the health fields but are interested in developing healing gifts are  encouraged to inquire and take part in ACT as Associate Members and attend the Annual  ACT International Conference, regional/local ACT meetings and events.  ACT Australia, Region 27 is under construction. We are in process of searching out ACT contacts there. More from Australia when we get out of the bush and ACT Region 27 becomes a reality in the light of day!  Meanwhile we now have a contact there.

ACT Region 6 has been prayerfully undergoing resuscitation/ renewal for several years!  There is a new movement of the Holy Spirit in Region 6 and throughout ACT at this time in history when faith, hope and love seem to be scarce in the world. God has not left us orphaned! It is a new time; it is the time of The New Advent and The New Pentecost when we are called to “set out into the deep!” Come experience this new outpouring of the Holy Spirit with ACT! “The Joy of The Lord is our strength” in Region 6! Come make a joyful noise with us. 

The Holy Spirit is alive and well in ACT Region 6 and we are planning an ACT OPEN HOUSE  in Dayton, Ohio  in the spring.

Region 6 covers OH, IN, KY, WV. We also serve Region 27 (Australia)! We are working on recruiting plans for Australia and need contacts. If you know anyone  in Australia contact franfran7@att.net

Our plan in Region 6 (and 27) is to begin SEW groups in locales where two or more can gather for prayer at least once a month; thereby encouraging others to come see and pray  to gather in ACT members and potential members. If we build up clusters of ACT members we build the Region. We seek call meeting in Region 6 once a month to pray together, plan and discuss upcoming ACT local, regional and national events. This is open to all Region 6 members.

One of the most promising events under consideration is a Healing Retreat for Returning Veterans; those suffering post-traumatic stress and other challenges in conjunction/collaboration with nearby parishes, congregations, regional military bases, hospitals and veteran organizations. We need many doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, counselors and allied health professionals, clerics, religious and associate members for this formidable endeavor to take place in Dayton, Ohio.

In Region 6 we seek scheduled prayerful discussions, faith formation, education, experiential healing and spiritual formation workshops. We have media presentations of speakers from past International ACT Conferences. We share in the compassion and healing power of the Heart of Jesus. We are Eucharistically centered and Biblically rooted in the Holy Spirit to further the mission and vision of ACT.

We enthusiastically welcome home all former ACT members of Region 6 and encourage all new inquiries of those called to learn more about the Holy Spirit and gift of healing to join us. We live in a time of great hunger and need in our world. Come see if ACT is for you.

ACT members enjoy growing together in professional acumen, fellowship and camaraderie in knowledge of God the Father, Sacred Scripture and experience healing in The Name of Jesus by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We are a faith filled joyful bunch of pilgrims who grow in Small Christian Communities (SEW Groups) within the larger ACT organization. We have all known joys, challenges, tears, trials and triumphs. We know how to laugh and cry, to commiserate and celebrate life in all its facets, developing knowledge and understanding of ecumenism by agreeing on what we can agree on and letting the Holy Spirit take care of the rest while remaining true to our personal spiritual heritage. WE seek to grow together: UP! OUT! AND IN!  We seek unity in diversity; we seek to be one mind and one heart in Jesus Christ through the animation and power of the Holy Spirit.

Come see! Come experience! Come join us for a cup of coffee or a spot of tea; a bit of conversation, compassion and commiseration. You will be glad you did and realize you have a very special place in The Body of Christ called ACT!

ACT serves the addicted, the challenged, the traumatized, the impaired and the ill; but at The Heart of It All, we serve Jesus Christ in His Heartfelt Healing and Spirit Empowered Ministry. We practice our professional acumen. We Pray; We empathize and walk with each other and clients. Jesus Heals! The Power of the Holy Spirit animates and is alive and well in ACT. Come see; Come serve with us. God has a plan and has not left us orphaned. Jesus was about healing, teaching and serving, so is ACT.

ACT is Ecumenical and Eucharistically Centered in the Heart of Jesus. ACT originated through the grace of God, by a group of Catholic health care givers and clerics in the Catholic Church, and welcomes all Christians to work together for the Glory of God. “We are One in The Spirit!” We respect each other in the Body of Christ and strive for “One Mind, One Heart” as Jesus prayed! “That they may be One Father as You and I are One!” We agree on what we can agree on, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest while honoring the rubrics of our various denominations.  (See ACT History on Home Page)

For additional information about ACT Region 6 Open House, Meetings Conference Call Meetings and planned 2010 Events please keep checking this ACT Web site and Region 6/27 Page or E Mail the Regional Coordinator at franfran7@att.net


Francesca Franchina MS ED. ACT Communications Chair and Regional Coordinator for ACT Regions 6 & 27  hosts two weekly programs on RADIO MARIA INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE RADIO: Listen on your local  RADIO MARIA STATION where available (Louisiana, Chicago, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio) and/or online at   www.radiomaria.us  Francesca recruits ACT Colleagues and Collaborators for guests at the Radio Maria broadcasting site at the University of Dayton Marian Library and on the phone.   RADIO MARIA airs  in  50 Countries throughout Europe, Africa, North and South America, the Philippines, India and Australia. Listen in English or native  languages of the other countries  Prayer, news, evangelization and human development.

“FRANCESCA AND FRIENDS!”  RADIO MARIA:  Wednesdays 11:30 AM -12:30 PM Eastern Time; Encore Mondays 8:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time Francesca  Franchina broadcasts from the University of Dayton Marian Library (Dayton, OH) conversing with International, National and Local Theologians, Scripture Scholars, Professors, ACT Members and other Health Professionals, Therapists, Educators, Various Pro-Life/Family Life Counselors, Advocates; Youth, Prison and Rehabilitation Ministries, Ecumenical Organizations and more!  Call 1-866-333-6279 on Wednesdays to participate. Listen on line www.radiomaria.us

“THROUGH THE TUMMY TO THE HEART; ITALIAN SOUL FOOD SPRINKLED WITH EVANGELIZATION:”  Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. cooks up good things to eat from her Italian kitchen and things to think about and act upon  in bringing in the harvest and preparing for the net break in bringing souls to know, love and serve Jesus Christ and live life guided by the Holy Spirit in the arms of God the Father. Listen for Francesca’s  favorite Italian Family Recipes for good stuff to think about, pray about and eat while  living and loving all God’s creative works! TUESDAYS- EXCEPT FIRST TUESDAYS: 5:00 -5:45 PM EASTERN TIME. ENCORE SATURDAYS 1:30 PM CENTRAL/2:30 ET

To participate in the programs call Radio Maria at 1-866-333-6279 during program times. Listen on line at www.radiomaria.us which airs 24/7 around the world. To be a guest on the radio programs contact Francesca by email franfran7@att.net.

To learn the current topics of Francesca’s weekly programs see The University of Dayton Marian Library/IMRI web site.” What’s New” every Tuesday morning   at  www.marypage.org  or Radio Maria web site at www.radiomaria.us . Programs and recipes are archived for your convenient listening and cooking pleasure. Pace e Bene.


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