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Prophetic Words

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Word Gifts - Words for Board & Leadership

Prophetic Words from the IC 2009, Jacksonville, FL

Prophetic Words from the IC 2010, Albuquerque, NM

Word Gifts Prophecies Archive

Prophetic Words from the IC 2009, Jacksonville, FL

Good morning friends,
With God's mighty help here are the Words from ACT 2009 IC.
My copy for the last 3 words on Sunday was very full of static so hoping someone can add the missing words. God's peace and joy always.
-- Antoinette McDermott, WGM Chair


Come to the Eucharistic Banquet I have prepared for you. Let go of your
hopes and dreams, lay them at my feet. Surrender your will to my will. Let
Me fill you to overflowing with what I will for you and Act. Oh how I love
you. Accept my love. You belong to Me. (Antoinette McDermott)
My children, I have not called you here to be comfortable. I have called you
here to equip you and anoint you. My people are hurting and hungry and I
want to use you. Be open to receive all I want to give you so I can use you
as my instruments. (Renee Lavitt)

You will be stripped of all that you know. I will pour upon you deeper
knowing. For this you have been prepared. Open your hearts, minds and souls to welcome that to which I bring unto you. This is my holy gift.
(Jackie Sitte)


A reading from Matthew 25:14-15, Parable of the Talents
It's like a man on his way abroad who summoned his servants and entrusted
his property to them. To one he gave 5 talents to another 2 and to a third
one he gave one, each in proportion to his ability and then he set out.(Gaylene Baier)

Come, believing, trusting, loving. I give you my all. I am true to my Word.
My Word opens closed doors and hardened hearts. My Word will lead you to freedom and eternal life. See me in all you meet. Look into their eyes. Each
is a reflection of me. Take each open hand and bring them to me with
sincerity and love. Bring the obstacles to my Sacred Heart. Leave them with
me for transforming glory. (Antoinette)

Then I saw a woman standing before me and the woman says: Do you see me?
Really see me? I am troubled, forlorn, lost. Show me the way, teach me the truth, guide me and lead me to Jesus.
I want--I need you to bring me to the
healer of all my ills, to truth personified to the living God. Don't turn
away from me. Take my hand and walk with me. Give me a purpose to live, to
love once again.(Antoinette McDermott)

My children I need you. If you only realized how much I need you. I need
your response I need your commitment. The time is short. There is so much to
do. I ask you do not hesitate but give me your yes again. (Renee Lavitt)

I need you. I need you to touch my broken wounded body. I need you to
embrace, to embrace the pain. It's not enough...it's not enough to just
touch me in a sterile way. I need you to embrace me to experience the pain.
Be not afraid. I will be with you. I will help you. It's there that you will
meet me and you will know me in a whole different way. Be not afraid. I need you. I need you. I love you. (Ann Behneman)

I hear the Holy Spirit saying Come, come up higher. I desire you to come up
higher. I want to hold you close to me. I want you to hear my heart beat. I
want you to feel my arms around you. I want you to touch my cheek. I want
you to feel my holy kiss on your cheek for it is my hearts desire to break
the chains that bind you. It is my hearts desire to break the pride that you
know not of. It is my hearts desire to break, to break, to break all that is
within you that doesn't belong to you. It is my hearts desire to love you
into wholeness tonight. Be not afraid as I come to kiss your cheek. (Gloria Tipton)


I saw this vision of Jesus. He was very large much bigger than this conference room standing over us. Love was streaming out of his eyes. Rays
of mercy were streaming out of his Heart. He had his hands extended. We
were coming into his Heart bringing all these suffering ones. We were pushing some in wheelchairs, holding the hands of children, carrying babies in our arms, pulling wagons with those who could not walk. We were all going into his heart together as far as the eye could see an endless stream of people that we were bringing into his Precious Heart.(Mary Philip)

My little ones of my Sacred Heart. I am your hiding place. I am your place of refuge. I am your port in the storms of life. I am your secure resting place. Be not afraid. I am always with you. Be not afraid. (Gaylene Baier)
I had a vision last night. The vision was: It was a very large body of water, greenish clear. There was a very large Eucharistic host on the left
side and the host did not diminish, did not disintegrate. It stayed whole and intact. It was beautiful.(Richard Alfaro)

I am who am - your living water. All life flows from me. I need you to
immerse yourself in my love, soak it in, drink it in. I need you to absorb
it like a sponge. I need you - I really need you to take this living water out to all you meet-allow this water to gush forth from you as I have lavishly submerged you into my love. I don't need a trickle. I desire you to gush forth with my love. I need you because it is through your
unconditional love that they will know my love for them. I am who am and I love you. (Ann Behneman)

Listen with your heart. There is a song that the Lord wants to give to you.
(Song in tongues M'Lis Dahl)
Come unto me my precious ones. I have much I want to do tonight in you and with you. I want to touch your deepest wounds. I want to restore and heal you for you are beautiful in my eyes and I love you. (Mary Philip, interpretation)


My broken body of Christ, I call each of you to oneness with me. Only my
perfect unconditional love can heal the breech that separates you. Do not
look at the differences but look how similar you are. What separates you can, and will, be restored when you open your heart in love to each other, accepting each as your brother and sister made in my image, made to live forever with me. (Antoinette McDermott)

My repairer of the breach, I have nourished you because of your yes to me
and my yes to you. I have healed you because of your yes to me and my yes to
you. I have restored you because of your yes to me and my yes to you. As I send you forth into the culture of death you carry within your body the culture of life that I have given to you. You will feel the tension. You will feel the strain in your humanity. I will hold the tension for you and continue to nourish you daily as you say yes to me I say yes to you. Forget not where you came from. Forget not that I am I AM! I was with you from the beginning and I will be with you on the journey and I will be with you til the end. Know that the tension of this time is growing worse and darker and
your "yeses" need to be bigger "yesses" as my yes becomes bigger to you. I will
lead you in the narrow way and I will bring out light into the darkness
within you and within your ministry for I am pouring forth new oceans of
mercy for you to swim in in your ministries.. I say yes to you today as you
continually say yes to me, and my ways, my knowledge and my power as I
glorify myself through you. (Gloria Tipton)

I have poured out my blessings upon you like raindrops from the sky. I seek
to ignite a fire in your hearts, a fire of my love, a fire of my mercy, a fire that will grow daily and never be extinguished. I seek to share with you my passion for saving souls I have chosen you, my dear ones. (Mary Philip)

My precious, precious little ones. My heart laughs. It is so full of joy. I
love you. You are my precious peace(?). I need you. I need you. ...my
people. Many of them do not even know how desperate their needs are. Their
earthly poverty is nothing compared to their spiritual poverty. Many of them
are like deserts in their thirst. They thirst for the water but they...I need you. Will you answer my call? (Ann Behneman)

Know that I go before you and I am with you. I will give you all that you need. Be still and hear my voice. I will direct you. (Jackie Sitte)

Children, do not allow fear or anxiety to have any strength within you. I am calling you to see opportunities of growth...whenever you feel a movement toward anxiety or fear. I want you to choose me, to choose your faith, to choose to trust me. Please do this for this is important. Do not...to anxiety and fear. Grow strong in faith regardless of what happens in your life. Do not miss these opportunities for growth. (Sr. Betty Igo)

Mary said, do whatever he tells you to do. (unknown)


I give to you holy boldness. This is a gift of great power, therefore you must use it with great care. I call you to have my gentleness in use of this gift. Unloving boldness itself can be sharp; it has the ability to woundoness heart and soul. I remind you, this is holy boldness, a gift from me. When you use this gift, you must first hear my voice clearly and you must prepare yourself to follow my lead. Speak forth that which I reveal to you.

Speak with my authority and most importantly do so with a gentle tone and
speak only with my love, speak only with my love. (Jackie Sitte)

My sons and my daughters, you have allowed me to open your eyes and your
ears. You have allowed me to soften your stony hearts. The world has not
changed, but you have been changed. Go forth into my broken world with my love. The time is very short. My little ones, I need you. I need you. I need you? Your yes is so critical. (Gaylene Baier)

Has so much power, Godly power, changing power. May we all be blessed. (Antoinette McDermott)

My precious, precious little ones, My heart laughs. It is so full of joy. [unknown]


Prophetic Words from the IC 2010, Albuquerque, NM


My children I have called you forth to receive all I have for you and
my storehouse is full. I have much to give you. Open your minds and
your hearts and your hands to receive all that I have for you. For you
are being called and anointed to go and bring healing to my people. So
I ask you do not be afraid but be open and ready. (Rene Lavitt)

Blest be the union you are making. You are called to be here. Treat one
another with love. Treat one another with respect. You are called to
be here. Know that I am in your midst. Know that I speak to you
through the prophets. Know that I speak to you through one another.
Know that I speak to you through the work you do. Be cautious! Be
cautious! It is a time of great upheaval in the land. Things will be
changing. Thus sayeth the Lord. (Amy O'Reilly)

The word union is qualified in a big way. Union between one another
here in this place but also when you leave and speak to others and
live your lives among others. There is a union of the Lord taking
place. A powerful Spirit comes upon you and makes your words and
actions sacred. Thus sayeth the Lord. (Amy O'Reilly)

Think of the people you love. Are you not concerned. Think of your
cities, your country, the world, the environment. Are you not
concerned? My people I have said when you are powerless then I am
powerful. But you don't want to be powerless. It's hard and you are
afraid. Give Me your fear and lean upon Me and know that I call you as
a special grace to go in the depth of your powerlessness so that you
might be strong in Me. Now, Now, don't be fearful. Keep leaning on Me.
You have no time to be fearful. I want you to keep your eyes in focus on Me Then you will be strong and you will speak My word in a new way and you will love in a new way and goodness can flow through you in a new way but only when you are weak of your own ego littleness and when you lean entirely on Me so that the big I AM that
I AM becomes your I AM in your oneness with Me. Oh don't scratch your
heads. i will explain this to you when it's time when things happen.
Just come to Me. But whatever you do don't waste time with fear. We
just do not have time for it. There is so much to do and I love you so
much and I can be so powerful through you when you are weak. I know,
it's a paradox. You gonna have to trust Me.  (Sister Betty Igo)


:Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. I am the Lord your God who created
you and who loves you with an everlasting love. Surrender yourself.
Surrender your organization to Me. Bring Me your hearts,your
strengths, your weaknesses, your thoughts and your plans and agendas.
Lay them down at My feet and listen. Listen. Listen. Listen and I will
reveal My thoughts, My plans, My agenda. Remember the Pascal Mystery.
You must die to Me and I will raise you up. Surrender and listen. I am
the Lord your God who loves you. (nne Behneman)

My little ones, the power of My Resurrection is in your midst. The
fullness of My son, the living waters lies deep within you. Do not
fear. De not fear but come, come children with open hearts. Come with
open arms. Come with open minds. Look into the depths. Look into the
depths for I wish to pour the fullness of My spirit within you. It is
time. I can wait no longer. I your God have come to build up, to
enrich the indwelling Trinity within you. You must come to Me in
deeper surrender. You must open with willing hearts and arms to the
love of your God for I would fill you with an infinite fire, a
yearning to glorify Me among My peoples among the nations. I have so
much work for each of you to do. I have no time to wait for My
children are crying out. (Sheilamarie Racicot)

My children I have called you. I am forming an army and you are my
centurians. You are my warriors. You have come here to be prepared. I
have called you. It is not an accident or coincidence. I ask you to be
ready to receive all I have for you. I have much for you. I have a
vision of the Holy Spirit and He is placing a tongue of fire over
every person here. But there are some in this group that are whisking
it away like a pesky fly. I'm not sure the reason but it could be that
they feel unworthy but the Lord is asking you do not push Me away. Let
Me come and be part of you and part of your life. I have anointed you
and am anointing you. Accept the anointing. You may be a little afraid
because the anointing brings responsibility but I am the author of
responsibility and I am the one that makes all things possible. Fear
does not come from Me so let it go.  (Rene Lavitt)

A reading from the Book of Sirach: Praise of God the Creator.. Once
more I will set forth my theme to shine like the moon in its fullness.
Listen my faithful children. Open up your petals like roses planted
near running waters. Send up the sweet odor of your hymn of praise.
Bless the Lord for all He has done. Proclaim the greatness of His
Name. Loudly sing His praises with music on the harp and all string
instruments. Sing out with joy as you proclaim the works of God. All
of them good. In its own time every need is supplied. At this word the
waters become still as in a flask. He had but to speak and the
reservoirs were made. He has but to command and His will is done.
Nothing can limit His achievements. The works of all mankind are
present to Him. Not a thing escapes His eye. His gaze spans all the
ages. To Him there is nothing unexpected. No cause then to say what is
the purpose of this. Everything is chosen to satisfy a need. His
blessing overflows like the Nile, like the Euphrates it enriches the
surface of the earth. (Jackie Sitte)

Come into the silence into the cloud of unknowing. Then listen, feel
the peace of My presence. I am there for you the Holy Spirit deep
within you to reveal to you all truths and to know the Father's will
in every aspect of your lives. Rejoice and be glad. Your God reigns.
(M'Lis Dahl)

Do you want to be healed this night? Do you want to feel My healing
embrace of love? Come before Me with open minds, open hands and open
hearts. Leave all that is dis-ease at the foot of My holy Cross. Let
Me cleanse you and wash you clean. Let Me restore you as only I can.
Let Me be your healer, deliverer, best friend. Say 'yes' to Me
tonight. Say yes to My holy healing love. (Antoinette McDermott)

I have called you. I have entreated you. I have requested my little
ones that you open yourselves to receive all that I have for you, Your
minds cannot begin to grasp the depths of My love for you, cannot
begin to grasp the desire of My heart to consume you, to own you
fully, to cause you to be one with Me. I call you deeper, deeper into
the mystery of that unity that oneness. As you suffer many suffer. As
you cry out many cry out. As you say where is My God many have yet to
glimpse My face and I need you. I need an army. I need willing hands.
I need willing hearts, I need willing voices, I need sacrificial lambs
Yes I call you to sacrifice yourselves to My love. I call you to
sacrifice your wills to My will. I call you to sacrifice all that you
have all that you are all that you desire to be for the Kingdom of God
for I have come to fulfill My promises and there are many children,
many needing to be touched, many tears needing to be wiped away, many
hearts needing to be renewed. So I call you to a oneness with Me. I
call you to be consumed to become the fire of My Spirit. Feel Me for I
hover over this room. I wait to fill you. I wait to anoint you. I wait
to renew you for I would pour into you that you might empty out upon
My children.  (Sheilamarie Racicot)

I the Lord am your Creator. It is I who said yes to your being. It is
I who said yes to you. It is I who will reshape you, form you and
renew you. Why do you look outward when I am inward? Why are you
searching so deeply when I am waiting within? Look within my little
one. I weep to hold you in My arms. I weep to hold you and embrace you
that you might know the fullness and restoration of I your Creator
that formed you and created you. Allow Me to hold you tonight. Be not
afraid of letting go. Be not afraid of surrendering. Be not afraid of
the suffering that I call you into. I will redeem you as My very own.
I love you with an everlasting love. Allow Me to pierce your heart
tonight. Allow Me to bring you into the wedding chamber. Allow Me to
love you into wholeness and holiness. Tonight hear My voice within.
(Gloria Tipton, interpretation of Bob Rhode's tongue)


Are you ready for the next step? Are you prepared for what I am asking
of you? We must do this together. The time is short. I  am calling you
to repent of all wrong-doing, purify your life and bring others into
My healing presence. Pray! Pray! Pray for My mercy. Do not tarry. Keep
your focus on Me as I direct you to the next step.  (Antoinette

You were in a sense of preparation for an explosion of love is coming
to descend on a humble and contrite heart. Hearts that are
prepared to receive. The God who created the universe, a God whose
love does not have a measure a God whose love shows no bounds. Behold
I came to do the Father's will. Whoever has ears ought to hear. (Cheryl

I received a vision of an operating room. The surgeon is opening the
chest and spreading the ribs wide open. Then Jesus steps in and holds
the heart and its beating in His hands and calms it with a loving look
for several still minutes before the surgeon continues on with the
procedure. The operating room is cold. This conference time is the
operating room for we allow the Spirit to be the surgeon and open us
up. Jesus the healer holds our hearts in His hands to heal our dis
eases,, our addictions, wounds, irregular rhythms of life and
corrosion of the valves and put in new ones that are wide open to His
ways and full of health in Him. Then the Spirit closes the chest,
staples the ribs together and sews up our skin and brings us back into
regular life into a hospital room which is a group of loving people
who will love us and grow us up as His followers.  (Kristine Sendelbach)

I call you My precious ones. I love you. I have chosen you and I send
you forth from this place with many gifts to share with all those who
come with a new anointing to share with all those who come. II am
recreating you again and again and again as you place your hope and
your trust in Me. (Anointed song by M'Lis Dahl, interpretation by Mary

I received an image of Jesus kneeling in the river and water was
pouring over Him, pouring in great abundance over Him as He knelt
there. I call you my people to reconsecrate yourself to Me. I call you
to the renewal of your Baptismal vows. Know that you have been
cleansed, know that the Blood of the Lamb has washed over each of you.
Do not fear your sins Do not fear the past. I call you to stand with
Me, rejoice with Me in the moment. I will give you a vision for the
future for I call you forth with a great anointing. I call you forth
for as you renew your vows to Me as you reconsecrate yourselves to Me
I will fill you with the depths of living water. This great
commissioning calls you forth for as I renew you you shall renew the
ends of the earth. I will send you out in great abundance and you will
touch many hearts. Many children will come to know me, many tears will
be wiped away, many faces will be lifted to the face of my Father for
I say to you it is the desire of the Fathers heart to know deeply and
intimately each one of His children. So receive My blessing. I smile
down upon you with the love of the Father. Receive all that we have to
give. (Sheilamarie Racicot)

I need you. I need you. I need you. I the Lord your God needs you to
go forth and heal My people. I need you to see My face in all people.
Look , listen and see. See the tortured Jesus in the face of all
people, the broken and the poor. All are broken. I have filled you
with an over flowing. Go forth and touch My people. I am the Lord your
God and I need you to touch My people. I will give you all that you
need. Trust Me. (Anne Behneman)


:I am the light of the world. This day I call each of you as you
prepare to travel to allow me to ignite your hearts that you will
carry the fire of My Holy Spirit that you may ignite all that you
meet. I commission each of you this day to go forth carrying My light
into our world. Together let us set My fire upon the whole world.
(Jackie Sitte)

As you prepare to leave this place know that you have received much.
You have been anointed. You have been given many gifts to minister to
My people. and I ask you to appropriate these gifts. Make those gifts
your own so that as you go out into the world you will have the
confidence and the knowledge that it is I who is the perpetrator. I am
the one who is giving you the gifts so appropriate the gifts and go
and use them with trust and confidence and know that I am your God and
I am with you.  (Rene Lavitt)

At the Consecration I saw the hand of God with the heart of Jesus
handing His heart to each one of us and then the heart of Jesus
overlaid each one of our hearts and our hearts were beating in unison
with Christ's heart  so when you go you have the beating heart
of Christ beating within you for all the people that you serve. (Mary Philip)

I had a vision at the beginning before Austin spoke, I saw God the
Father and Jesus were dancing. (I think it was the Horah) and the
angels and saints were observing and shouting and clapping their hands
in joy and I heard the  Father say, At last, finally they got it.
(Rene Lavitt)


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