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Are you experiencing P.C.T. (Post Conference Trauma)?
by Kris Dolbow

(Taken from InterACT, Winter 2013 Issue)


Do you wake up grumbling because you have to make your own coffee and go on a scavenger hunt for breakfast?

Do you wonder why the dishes are still on the table when you come back for lunch?

Do you walk outside and see sunshine and groan because it is not raining?

Do you shake your head at the thought of having to drive in the car to attend mass and remember how easy it was to walk there in 15 minutes?.... sigh.....

Is your nervous system in zombie mode from sensory deprivation ie. lack of hugs, praying, singing, listening to His Spirit in song?

Are you struggling to be satisfied with the Presence of Jesus by yourself after being surrounded by others who bear His Likeness for 3 straight days?

Do you make up for that by buying large mirrors, placing them on the walls of your living room, inviting a group of your parish/church over in order to duplicate the ACT effect?

Do you run to the nearest Liquor store with a small loaf of bread, buy a bottle of wine and have communion with the cashier and any other customers in order to re-live 30 minutes of ACT?

Or do you just get sad and depressed and want to dial up Dr. Matthews for an authentic appointment?

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, then you truly have had an encounter with our Living God and His Children.

One day the encounter will never end, so until then plan for next year and bring a friend who can experience P.C.T. with you once you leave!



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