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  • Christian Anthropology
    The Nature of the Person - Human Brokenness and Healing

    Edited by: Douglas Schoeninger, Kenneth Fung, Louis Lussier, Bonita Lay, and Robin Caccese


    Book Description:  Every Christian healthcare professional practices from assumptions, with a framework for understanding what it means to be a person, how wounding and brokenness occur, and how healing and restoration occur. For many, their assumptions are implicit, guiding perceptions and actions without being consciously articulated and examined. One purpose of this volume is to assist Christian healthcare professionals in articulating their assumptions by presenting three perspectives that are explicit, scientifically and theologically informed, internally consistent, and compatible with Christian tradition. The reader can then use these perspectives to stimulate self reflection.

    In a culture that is as diverse as American culture, we see the effects of diversity in healthcare practice. Today we witness attempts to integrate the natural and the supernatural in holistic healthcare practices. In these attempts, the spiritual practices that have found most favour and use have come mostly from the Asian Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Traditional Christian healing practices have been largely ignored. An exception is the researched and demonstrated value of forgiveness.

    One difficulty we have encountered in making a case for Christian healing practices in healthcare is that we have not had an adequate framework of understanding from which to grasp what we do in Christian healing. The writers in this volume have approached the subject of Christian healing by asking how we as Christians understand the human person, human brokenness/wounding, and human healing/wholeness, in all dimensions of our existence, body, mind and spirit. This has led to a clearer understanding of the ways that healing occurs and, most especially, a clearer understanding of how to apply Christian healing practices in healthcare as we trust in the love and mercy of our God, manifest in Jesus Christ.

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  • Ethical Analysis in Integrative Christian Healthcare Practice
    By Len Sperry

    Book description: The purpose of this booklet is to provide a method for understanding and reflecting on ethical and clinical competence issues in the practice of Christian holistic healthcare, and particularly for evaluating clinical cases involving healing prayer and spiritual assessment.

    Four brief case examples present the reader with several ethical considerations involving the integration of Christian spirituality and healing prayer in healthcare practice. Elements in these cases are relatively common in healthcare practice today. However, these cases also reflect some of the unique professional challenges that Christian physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, and chaplains face on a regular basis.

    Increasingly, ethically and clinically competent practice is coming to mean professional-clinical competence as well as contextual-cultural, relational-ethical, and theological-spiritual competence. Accordingly, Christian healthcare professionals need to consider the implications of all four domains of clinical and ethical competence in their work.

    Len Sperry, MD, PhD, DMin is Professor of Mental Health Counseling at Florida Atlantic University and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has been an ACT member since 1977.

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  • The Clinical Christ
    Scientific and Spiritual Reflections on the
    Transformative Psychology Called Christian Holism

    By Charles L. Zeiders, Psy.D.

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