A sampling of comments received at ACTheals gatherings

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"Amazing - Very powerful group and I am happy to be a new member."

"The Lord transformed my heart."

"I received, praise God, baptism in the Spirit. I was blessed to receive the gift of tongues after Gloria and Sr. Betty lovingly came alongside me. I was healed of a rut from the past and freed to love more openly! I was also blessed in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This was life-changing."

"God showed me there is hope in true Christian reconciliation."

"My daughter called right after the prayer team prayed and said she was reading Psalm 27 led by the Lord and cried, saying, 'God does love me and I am forgiven'."

"I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, received the gift of tongues; being able to relax, the heaviness that my job gave to me and I go home with a newel. Thanks."

"Came in despair: filled with new hope now to return and take up the challenge to be a witness when I'm able, to just "show up" if that's all I'm able."

"I was empty and now I am refilled. I love being an ACT servant. I have a greater compassionate heart."

"I believed I received a word of knowledge regarding healing for one of our children."

"My physical stress and heaviness left. Was able to let my child be free."

"I am healed of a self-marginalization. In the past I alienated myself, sitting on sidelines. I believe God invited me forward and I said yes. He is integrating me as a person. I am able to begin to use my spiritual gifts in the safe haven of this beautiful Christian body."

"My back spasms are gone from only one-week previous severe attacks. I stopped taking meds the day the conference started because the side effects were too great."

"I am so appreciative that charismatics are learning to have a heart for social justice. Thank you for a marvelous conference!"

"Increased inner peace, freedom."

"Spiritual healing, deeper ability to let go of what I have and know more willing to step out in faith and trust in the Lord. I know more clearly that He loves me and is with me. The deeper understanding of the marginalized and how I myself have been and may be marginalized."

"Healing around sexuality."

"Increased ability to let go and go much deeper."

"Confirmation of ministry at Life in the Spirit when [I was anointed], new prayer in tongues and confirmation of ministry. Healing through Theophostic Prayer ministry, and reconciliation."

"Deeper committing to supporting lift those suffering through the talk given by Dale and Susan."

"No place here to assess party but it is a truly important part of the conference and this was a 10! Great job!"

"Through the plenary panel sharing, the Lord opened me to pay attention to another needed healing of my wound of abandonment. Went to a prayer team and God opened a new directive for me in the healing of this history."

"I'm realizing that I no longer have my siblings nor parents and I really don't have heavy responsibilities, so I can share more of my time with God's children."

"The pain I suffer from effects of diabetes has, for the most part, disappeared (Neuropathy)."

"Hearing about the marginalized made me want to do more for and with the Lord. Some inner healing and I'm sure physical! Overall healing. Better understanding other religions."

"I received healing for somatic memories of the 24 robberies I've experienced over the last 50 years. Excellent prayer team ministry."

"Peacefulness, hope, cherished, heard, ministered to, husband anger and anxiety was relieved over husband's dizziness. Two doctors prayed."

"I have come to recognize and accept my own marginalization as a charismatic healer especially in the church, and have been healed of my resentments in regard to this. This healing has been a slow process that was greatly accelerated this weekend."

"My painful leg has improved."

"I received peace/conviction that I am in the Lord's war, in His ministry."

"Overall peace."

"Slept through the night first time in years!"

"I learned something new every day. Mind opened more and more."

"On a prayer team, so the healing experience will probably take a little reflective and soaking time. Always I feel enormously blessed, enriched, and enhanced spiritually. The gift to me is a greater awareness of the presence of God."

"I was helped by a prayer team. Inner healing of child self, realizing that I experienced my father as being displeased with me, and in the prayer, Jesus spoke to the child in me that He was very pleased with me, and I was able to pass this to my daughter, that I'm now healed."

"I came into the general session on Saturday morning and I felt that I had arrived home, like announced 'Here I am.' A deeper knowing that I am loved and belong. Healing for my marriage, new hope for our relationship. Empowered to go forth in the 4th stream to follow Jesus' leading for social justice. As a nurse - a deeper connection to the nurses in ACTheals. A clearer sense of my professional role in serving the Lord as a nurse."

"Inner peace."

"Revealed inner vow of 60 years ago - Incredible insight and awareness and healing."

"Renewal of hope and peace."