February 15-17, 2019
Marywood Retreat and Conference Center
Jacksonville, Florida



“The purposes of a man’s

heart are deep waters,

but a man of understanding

draws them out.”

1 Prov 20:5 NIV


Marywood Retreat Center: www.marywoodcenter.org

Marywood Campus Map: Download Campus Map 

For Information Contact:

Ed McKenna
Regional Coordinator of Region 16
ACTheals Board of Directors (2018-2020)

281 Evergreen St. NE, Palm Bay, Fl 32907
321-327-5281  edjomac94@gmail.com

Early registration is recommended!



  • When my inner confusion or inner silence is deafening, and I feel alone where/how do I begin to pray, primarily as a minister/healthcare provider/disciple of Jesus?
  • I practice a different faith tradition than Catholic, could this type of prayer help my spiritual growth?
  • As a healthcare provider/minister/disciple of Jesus, how do I spiritually discern and respond when faced with a client/patient or family/friend that want to die?
  • How do I discover which type of prayer experience is best for me, and the spiritual directee/companion, client/patient that I serve?
  • How do I discern between two good things that bring Glory to God?

What’s Your Decision?
An Ignatian Approach to Spiritual

Discernment & Decision

Exploration of scriptural, spiritual discernment
and the 3 modes of decision-making according
to St. Ignatius Loyola.

Welcome….. Fr. J. Michael Sparough, SJ

 Fr. J. Michael Sparough, SJ, is a retreat director, storyteller, itinerant preacher and spiritual director at the Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House in Barrington. He holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama and a Doctor of Ministry from St Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, IL.  A prolific writer and speaker, Fr. Michael has published extensively on prayer. His latest co-authored book is What's Your Decision? An Ignatian Approach to Decision Making and is published by Loyola Press.  To view his on-line video reflections or to learn more about joining him on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in May, 2019, 2019 go to : www.heartoheart.org.  


The Examen & Guided Meditations

The Examen is a prayer reflection tool taught by
St. Ignatius, which he considered the most critical
personal prayer that one can pray daily.
This session includes scriptural guided meditations,
breath and body prayer work.

S-Fr. Bob Sears, SJ will also be joining the trip.  

Weekend coast includes 6 meals & 2 nights                        

$260  per person  |  $480 for Couple



What are the benefits of a spiritual companion-director and how do I locate such a person?