USA Regions




Review the map above to determine the Region closest to your location. Below olease find contact information for each region.  Click the region name to view additional information.

California/Hawaii Region Coordinators are:
Los Angeles - Pamela Clark, San Diego - Lesile Brunolli, Hawaii - Patti Smith
(Delaware Valley, New Jersey, and Central/Eastern Pennsylvania)
Regional Coordinator: Kathleen Murphy, MSN
Illinois & Northern Indiana Regional Coordinator:  Janet Blaney
Michigan Regional Coordinator: Kris Sendelbach, RN, BSN
Mid-Atlantic U.S.
(Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia)
Regional Coordinators: Ann Behneman or George Guschwan
Minnesota & North Dakota
(Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa)
Regional Coordinator: Kris Sendelbach, RN, BSN
Northern New England U.S.
(Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire,
New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont)
Regional Coordinator: Joe Duddie
Ohio Valley
(Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania,
and West Virginia)
Regional Coordinator: Frances Franchina, MSE
Pacific Northwest U.S.
(Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska)
Regional Coordinator: Kris Sendelbach, RN, BSN
South Central U.S.
(Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. Missouri)
Regional Coordinator: Carmen Edwards
South East U.S.
(North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, 
Regional Coordinator: Ed McKenna
Western U.S.
(Arizona, Colrado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah)
Regional Coordinator: Al Nyland, PhD
Wisconsin Regional Coordinator: Patrick Blaney, DDS