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Journal of Christian Healing - Volume 28, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2012


  • Wholeheartedness in Healthcare:
    Caring for the Whole Person with the Healing Heart and Mind of Jesus
    Mary Jean Ricci, BSN

  • The Nature of Human Suffering
    Michael Brescia, MD

  • Responding to Fear in these Troubled Times
    Len Sperry, MD, Ph.D., DMin

  • Do You Need Time to Talk: We Have Time to Listen
    Dr. Harriet Mowat

  • Joy, Salvation, Leadership, Depression, and the Christian:
    A Potential Dilemma?
    Audrey Jean-Jacques, BA

  • Survey of Idolatry and American Culture
    Charles Zeiders, PsyD
  • An Interview Regarding the Psychologist of Faith and the Post-Modern Moment
    Charles Zeiders, PsyD and Douglas Schoeninger, PhD

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