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In Memoriam

Marilee Walker
May 26, 1926 - April 17, 2011

In memory of Marilee Walker, beloved family relations and child development consultant; Regional Coordinator, Association of Christian Therapists; co-founder of Eagles support group at the Village of Childhelp.  She passed surrounded by family and many friends, testimony to the depth and breadth of her loving touch and selfless, untiring service to others.

Marilee’s Story

      Marilee was born in Burlington, Iowa, to Karl Williams walker and Louise Moore Toup Walker. When she was one year old, her family, including her two-year-old brother, Kennan, moved to California, ultimately settling in Studio City in 1940, in the same home from which she left this life.

      At North Hollywood High School, she was active in student government, journalism and cheerleading, and was a volunteer with the U.S. Citizens Defense Corp. during WWII. Marilee received her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from UCLA in 1950 and did graduate studies there and at Claremont Graduate School. During those years, she became Director of Education & Youth at the First Christian Church in North Hollywood, co-founded its nursery school, and also worked as a psychological consultant.

      In 1952, Marilee’s close-to-home life took an adventurous direction when she served in Japan for three years during the Korean conflict as a civilian club director for the Special services of the U.S. Armed Forces Southwester Command. It was a seminal experience that gave her early insights that would influence her lifelong professional and spiritual journey.

      Upon her return, she quickly jumped back into her professional calling with internships and later consultancies at several clinical and educational institutions, including the Hope guild Clinic/Kennedy Child Study Center at St. Johns Hospital (Santa Monica); and Los Angeles County Hospital and USC school of Medicine. In 1962, Marilee opened her private consultancy in family relations and child development in Westwood.

      However, something else had newly opened. She relates some years later: “After years of searching in holistic, humanistic and alternative medicine approaches to health and healing, I found a new relationship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit found me”.

      Also found were the perfect channels for this relationship: southern California Christian Renewal and Childhelp USA, the nationally recognized child abuse treatment and research agency. Since 1978, Marilee served on its national Coordinating council and was a co-founder (with Chuck Weber) in 1983 of Eagles, a big brother/big sister auxiliary at the Village of Childhelp. Also for 30 years, she was a tireless guiding light to the Association of Christian Therapists (ACT), ultimately holding positions as Regional Coordinator and member on the national Board of Directors.

      With spiritual renewal she found that “my abiding interests centered on  the Son and Holy Spirit working in generational, prenatal and perinatal influences on behavior, parent-child family development , and in Jesus-directed guided imagery and age-regression and the role of forgiveness in health and healing…affecting 85% of my practice.”

      Lighting her path, subtly and searchingly at first, but eventually demanding a fully committed surrender, we see that spiritual flame that would go on to set fires in the hearts of many until the very end of her life’s work, which could honestly be said to be the moment of her last breath on Palm Sunday.

      Finally, she writes, “MY journey is a legacy of love a gift and grace from God”. It certainly was dear one. Bless you for taking us along.

      Marilee’s ashes will be placed in the 155 year-old family cemetery on the Walker family-owned farm near her birthplace, alongside her baby sister, Marilyn, who died before Marilee was born, and her paternal grandparents. Marilee is survived by her nieces Karen Walker and Kimberlee Brown, her grand nieces Natalee Goto and Lindsey Brown, and her grandnephew, Michael Brown.

      Written by Neil Frame 

My Prayer

To be always in the Lord’s will, mind, body & spirit

To be strong, faithful and humble of heart for the Lord’s ministry

Health for the journey

Good stewardship with worldly resources

Death in God’s good graces

Knowing I have learned how to love, obey and have accomplished your will for me in this lifetime

-- Marilee

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