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“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”
Philippians 4:6.

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Notification regarding the Coronavirus – Effective Immediately

All ACTheals in-person gatherings are postponed until further notice.

We continue to stand in Christian faith, hope and love with one another, especially now.

All Current Events

Notification regarding the Coronavirus – Effective Immediately

All ACTheals in-person gatherings are postponed until further notice.

We continue to stand in Christian faith, hope, and love with one another, especially now.

Now is the time for STAYING IN TOUCH  and reaching outward in new and creative ways like calling each other, write or send cards via internet. Jacquie Lawson® Send Cards‎  www.jacquielawson.com. Other websites offering FREE resources are the sites of the Order of St. Luke https://osltoday.org and Christian Healing Ministries  http://www.christianhealingprayers.com

‎On-line Prayer Requests continue to be received and within the  Member Center the Library holds the Journal of Healing. Various Conference MP3 might hold just the wisdom you need to support both your personal and professional  lives.

Foundation/Prophetic Call

“Redeem MY people, in your hospitals, in your clinics, in your offices. Make them MY hospitals, My clinics, MY offices. Let ME care for them and bring them health beyond healing. Let ME care for YOU, and bring YOU to health, to wholeness, to holiness. Give ME your professional skills, your credentials, Yield them to MY authorization, consecrate them to MY name, for MY glory, and I will be glorified in your healing work.” (1975, Staten Island, N.Y.)

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Members join ACTheals and continue to renew their membership(s) not only because of the gifts they receive through the organization but the gifts they develop and share with those whom they serve in their respective healthcare specialties.


“Amazing — Very powerful group and I am happy to be a new member.”

"The Lord transformed my heart."

"This was life-changing."

“I received, praise God, baptism in the Spirit. I was blessed to receive the gift of tongues after Gloria and Sr. Betty lovingly came alongside me. I was healed of a rut from the past and freed to love more openly! I was also blessed in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This was life-changing.”

ACTheals Around the World

There are sixteen regions located in the United States and additional locations throughout Africa, Canada, and Europe.  Each site provides members and guests with opportunities to attend local events and provides support through hosting small group meetings, workshops, conferences, and retreats.

ACTheals Prayer of the Week

ACTheals Corporate Prayer – Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

Father God, as Your Christian people, we unite our voices with thanksgiving and praise for our President, President Trump.  With the unity of mind and spirit, we ask You to anoint the work of his hands, permitting all he does to prosper for Your greater glory.  Lord, fill the President and those working with him with Your Holy Spirit and endow all of them with godly wisdom to make the decisions that must be made at this time in our nation.  We pray that You would give all leaders  the spiritual discernment to see those who have deceptive intentions and those who are speaking from You.  We pray that You would give heavenly dreams and visions, especially to President Trump, show all involved with him Your way.  Send angels to watch over all men and women striving to solve this health pandemic as they go about their daily affairs leading this country.

We pray for all those in the medical field and those who must work during this time of national crisis and keep everyone safe and healthy.  Lord, strengthen them with faith, hope, and love, removing the spirit of fear, hopelessness, helplessness, and a spirit of hoarding.




Lord, we ask You to use this crisis to draw all people closer to You.  Come, Lord Jesus, operate in miracles around them, so they know You are real.  Protect and continue to provide for their families and keep them safe.  We ask You to send the fire of the Holy Spirit to set everyone’s spirit ablaze. 

We pray for the cure of all those infected.  We speak to this virus to dissipate in the name of Jesus.  We speak to the virus in the air and on surfaces to mutate into extinction; as fast as you came, so you shall leave.  We lift all people, families, and children in the world to Jesus’ heart of compassion, and His precious blood washes them clean.   God, we ask for Your protection and blessings upon all businesses, jobs, and all Christian ministries serving in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name, we humbly ask for Your will to be manifest in the world today,  Amen.

Author unknown.

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