Journey with us to integrate Christian spirituality with your healthcare practices.

Members join ACTheals and continue to renew their membership(s) not only because of the gifts they receive through the organization but the gifts they develop and share with those whom they serve in their respective healthcare specialties.

For our members, ACTheals is a vital part of their professional and spiritual development.

ACTheals Vision
Advancing Christ-centered healthcare one healer at a time.

Membership Options

Couple $110.00
Individual $170.00
Non-Salaried Clergy/Religious $25.00
Students $25.00

Opportunities for Growth and Participation:

Regions: In addition, the Association includes Regions spread across the entire U.S.A. and Canada as well as internationally. The various regions conduct meetings, gatherings, prayer sessions, retreats and healing conferences throughout the year. This is in addition to the Annual International Conference, usually held in early autumn. For more information about regional activities, click here.

Specialty Groups: Physicians, nurses, medical technicians, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, social workers, chiropractors, massage therapists, chaplains, clergy, religious, and associates. For more information about Specialty Groups, select the SPECIALTIES tab above.

Committees: There are six standing committees: Membership, Spiritual Life, Finance, International Conference, Program Development and Communication and Publications. All committees are staffed by volunteers and open to new members. ACT depends on members volunteering their time and talents to provide the programs and services offered.

Member Benefits

Many of our members will tell you the benefits are endless. Specifically, we offer the following to active members of ACTheals:

  • Peer Support through ACTheals Mentor Program, monthly Go-To-Meetings for Support, Empowerment, and Witnessing (SEW), regional meetings, international conferences 
  • Participation with the Order of St. Luke’s Healing Community Meetings throughout the world, as well as additional resources of healing prayer 
  • Daily remembrance in prayer by ACTheals members 
  • Teaching and spiritual development for the integration of Christian spirituality with healthcare practice 
  • Discounts for conferences and retreats 
  • Discounts on books, CDs, and DVDs through the ACTheals online store 
  • Free ACTheals newsletter-InterACT 
  • Member Center Services – 24/7 access to member account information, committees, groups, organization, teaching and more 
  • Access to social media sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
Become a Member Today
To apply online using a credit card, click the button below:


Upon completion of this application and acceptance, someone from our membership committee will contact you with information about your region assignment and regional coordinator contact information, specialty group assignment and specialty group leader. You will receive your ACTheals ID, and instructions for accessing the member part of the ACTheals website. God bless you.


To apply by mail using a check:

Download a PDF file of the “Membership Application.” Complete the appropriate fields and mail to the ACTheals office. Make your check payable to ACTheals and mail to P.O. Box 4961, Louisville, KY 40204.

Download a copy of our Membership Brochure to share with colleagues.


Previous ACTheals Members

Please see THIS PAGE if you are a former ACTheals member who wishes to re-join our organization.