The Journal of Christian Healing, 2012-1 Spring/Summer

Volume 28, Number 1


Marital Spirituality: Living the Trinity, A Framework for Integrating Relationship Enhancement With Spiritual Growth in Marital Interventions
Kenneth M. Flanagan, PhD and Kim Flanagan, BS
Religious Involvement, Spiritual Transcendence, and Disability Acceptance in Individuals with Neuromuscular Disorders
By Jessica Rupp Evans, MA, Pamela Pressley Abraham, PsyD, Marie McGrath, PhD and Jeannine O’Kane, IHM, PhD
Strengthening the Spirit and Restoring the Soul: Identifying, Understanding and Healing the Blocks with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
By Margaret Nagib, PsyD and Kara Miller, BA, MA
Conducting Psychoeducational Groups to Enhance Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual Skills of Clients to Promote Resiliency and Inner Healing
By Rosemary Thompson, EdD, LPC, NCC, NCSC, CRS, DAPA and Elizabeth Linstead, Graduate Student
Clergy’s Response to Religious Service Opportunities of Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities
By Maria Cuddy-Casey, PhD, Reneé Richey, AA, BS, Rachel Hallinan and Stewart Shear, PhD
Great Is Thy Faithfulness: A Healing Journey through the Book of Lamentations
By Dominica Rafferty, MS, NCC
How Bandura’s Modeling Theory Compares to Paul’s “Follow Me as I Follow Christ”
By 2LT Ryan S. Calhoun, MA, Ryan J. Adams, MA and R. LaVerne Washington, MA
Gnosticism, Reductionism, and the Christian Theological Implications for Holistic Counseling By Dominick M. Hankle, PhD